Summertime is a big deal for school age kids. They don’t have to worry about homework and get to sleep in a little later. For them, it is important to go out and do something instead of staying at home all day doing nothing. Here are a few outdoor activities that you can do with your children during these month.

1. Playing Sports – If your child is really into sports or like being in social settings then have them enroll in some local sporting events. This allows them to make new friends, get some exercise in and learn about teamwork. Playing sports sparks confidence and determination in a child. Your child will surely keep themselves busy with the games this summer.
2. Hiking – Going hiking is a great way to spend some quality time and take in the fresh air. Try going somewhere where there is some nice scenery so you both can take in the beauty in mother nature. You can also do other activities while hiking like bird watching or identifying different type of trees and shrubbery.
3. Riding Bikes – This is also a great way of getting so exercise in while spending time together. You can take your bikes to the park or go on bike trails. This activity is relaxing and makes a stroll outside a little more exciting.
4. Camping – Taking a camping trip is a cheap and fun little vacation you can try out with your family. Find somewhere near by that you can take a tent or RV to that has a nice wooded area. Camping allows you to be in tune with nature and can feel freeing. You can bring some fishing poles out
5. Rock Painting – This is a new trend that has been very popular this year. You can either find rocks outside or buy them from a supply store along with acrylic paint and mod podge. Have you and your child gather the rocks and set aside time to paint them with whatever your heart desires. Once they dry you can hid them around town at different locations. You can also find other peoples painted rocks and relocate them or collect them. This is a great way to spark creativity and get your kids outside.
6. Water Play – Summer months are the perfect time to go splash in the water. Take your kids to any body of water and have a blast. Make sure to bring plenty of fluids and sun block and some water toys. If you decide to go to the beach you can also collect sea shells while you are there or build sand castles.

7. Local Parks – Summer months are a great time to visit local parks and take advantage of park playground equipment which is great for play and development.