1. Nature theme

A Nature Themed Playground (sometimes modified to replicate nature) contains a variety of different mini environments providing a child the necessary tools to use their imagination developing their creativity, social skills, and entertaining challenges.

  1. Inclusive playgrounds

Many children with disabilities who require use of a mobility device have never gotten that perspective of getting higher and seeing the horizon, and it can be very exciting when they experience that for the first time. Installing a Fully Accessible Playground Structures, special surfacing, ramps, or other features to ensures that all kids have an inviting and enjoyable playground experience.

  1. Sensory Play

Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. For example, through using Outdoor Instruments to make sounds and other tasks a child learns to adapt to being able to block out the noise which is not important and focus on the play which is usually occurring with their peer.

  1. Active

Challenge and risk are important for children, Active Playground Systems will encourage physical activity improving coordination skills, strength, agility, balance, and confidence to navigate the world confidently, independently, and safely.

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