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Shade Structures for Sport Areas

Ideal for Stadiums, Bleachers & Sports Complexes

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Commercial Grade

All of our shade structures are made of durable commercial grade materials, designed to last a lifetime.

Flexible Designs

Hundreds of pre-engineered structures and flexible custom shade design options to fit any space, need or budget.

Excellent UV Protection

With 95% UV blocking capability, our shade structures are made to protect the people and products you love.

Professional Installation

Guaranteed hassle free professional installation by our licensed and experienced shade installation experts.

We are so pleased with our shade structures from Pro Playgrounds, their staff was able to design the perfect shade for our space and also made sure it met our strict building code requirements. – Rachel B.

Shades for Sport Areas, Bleachers & Arenas

Whether you are looking to cover the VIP boxes at a professional sports arena, or the bleachers for your local sports complex, college or high school stadium we have the shade solutions you need at prices you can afford. Our team of experts will help you select or design the perfect shade structure to match your space, shade needs and budget. We have nearly limitless design capabilities including traditional shades and waterproof options that allow us to create shade structures that not only look great and are functional, but also meet building code and permitting requirements anywhere in the United States, including areas with special wind load requirements.

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Variety of Shade Structure Products and Applications
Shades for Playgrounds

Playground shade structures are a great way to protect your children and your equipment from damaging UV rays.

Shades for Pools & Recreation Areas

Pool shade structures help to make your community pool more inviting and user friendly during the hotter months.

Automotive & Parking Shades

Automotive shades help keep your patrons cars cool and protect paint finishes from damaging heat and UV radiation.

Shades for Patios & Gathering Places

Shades provide a comfortable, cool environment for customers, they stay longer and return often.

Athletic & Outdoor Shades

Shades are a great addition to athletic and outdoor areas, providing cool places for athletes, families and spectators.

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