Playgrounds can be found in most places; such as schools, parks, communities, etc. Each one may look different, be different sizes and located in different places but the rules for each playground are always the same. Some playgrounds even have the rules displayed and others don’t. In either case, it is always good for both you and your child to know good playground etiquette when it comes to playgrounds. Here a few rule that you cna share with your little one.

  1. Take turns. This is a hard one for younger children to grasp sometimes. Being on the playground they want to be free and let loose so they forget to take turns. Having your child wait for their turn will teach them patience and manners. Talk to your child about being mindful of others when playing on equipment.
  2. Use equipment correctly. It is easy for kids to get carried away with their imagination and to start using the equipment in ways they weren’t intended. In most cases, when a child use equipment incorrectly it can be dangerous. For instance, climbing up a slide can be dangerous in case they accidentally fall off or even collide into another child who is trying to slide down.
  3. Eat in designated areas. It can be irritating for other kids and parents to see a child running around while eating or drinking. This causes a mess and create issues for other parents whose children want to snack and play at the same time. You don’t want your child’s food to dirty up the play equipment that everyone else is wanting to play on. Allowing your child to do this is also dangerous since they can easily get choked on the food their are eating.
  4. Use age appropriate equipment. Most of the play equipment will be mark with an age range that it is intended for. Make sure you look at equipment and know if it is the appropriate equipment that your child can play on. This will help to ensure that your child doesn’t get hurt using the wrong equipment.
  5. Supervise! Supervision is always very important. Your child may not remember this things but as an adult it is your duty to watch and remind them of the rules. Kids are less likely to get hurt when a parent is watching them.