Artificial Turf Products and Installation

At Pro Playgrounds, our grass really is greener! We stock and install over 50 different types of artificial turf for nearly every application. Artificial turf is a great product for a variety of applications including playing fields, putting greens, yards and playgrounds. Selecting the right artificial turf system for your application is critical to ensure that it provides all of the features you need and is designed for the specific task. Our experts will guide you through every step of the process to make sure you are getting the best possible artificial turf system for your application and budget.

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Artificial Turf Installation Services

At Pro Playgrounds, our grass really is greener. We provide professional installation services for all types of artificial turf and synthetic grasses. Artificial turf is a great product for a variety of areas, including playgrounds, athletic fields, green spaces, putting greens and more. At pro playgrounds, we utilize tried and true installation methods, in conjunction with the best artificial turf and synthetic grass materials to ensure a seamless and beautiful finish. Our artificial turf installers have decades of combined experience and trade knowledge, making sure that each and every artificial turf installation project we complete is done correctly and has a seamless finish. Our artificial turf installations come backed with an industry leading ten year warranty.

Our Artificial Turf Installation Services Include:

  • Artificial turf installation with safety padding for playgrounds and play areas.
  • Artificial turf installation for fields and green spaces.
  • Artificial turf installation for putting greens, sports courts and other areas.

Using the Right Materials and Methods for Your Artificial Turf Installation

The key to a great artificial turf installation is a combination of experience and exceptional products, at Pro Playgrounds, we provide both to our clients. We utilize a variety of attachment methods that allow our artificial turf products and synthetic grasses to be installed over a variety of sub surfaces and with numerous attachment methods, making our artificial turf a truly unique and versatile product. Our artificial turf products are backed by industry leading warranties and exceed all testing requirements. Our artificial turf products come in a variety of weights, backings and pile heights to meet the needs of your project. We also have artificial turf designed for special uses such as dog parks and high traffic athletic training areas. So whether you need artificial turf for your playground, or for your cross fit facility, Pro Playgrounds has the artificial turf products and installation services you need.

Selecting the Right Artificial Turf System

Most people do not realize that there are literally thousands of different types of artificial turf products, each designed with specific properties for specific applications. Some of the properties of artificial turf that are important to know are:

Face Weight
Face weight is the weight per square yard of product in its raw form. Denser turfs will have a heavier face weight.

Pile Height
Pile height is the actual height of the grass blades. For instance a putting turf would have a very short pile height, while a lawn turf might have a very tall pile height. Generally, turfs with a taller pile height will also have a heaver face weight.

All artificial turf will come with a backing. The backing may designed for different purposes like anti microbial properties, accelerated drainage, etc.

What Are Your Needs?

The first step in selecting your turf would be to define what the area is going to be used for. For instance if it will be for a dog park, then we need to explore pet turf products, if it will be for a field, we will discuss athletic turf options, etc.

What Can You Afford?

Once we have determined what your use for the artificial turf will be, the next step will be to consider what funding is available for the project and from there look at options that fit into the budget.

Inspirations For Your Artificial Turf Project