1-2-3 Playground Process

3 steps successful playground


3 Steps to a Successful Playground Project

We are the playground experts and you can count on us to make your playground project hassle free. Our three step system is designed to let us do what we do best which is design and install the best playground for your needs and space. We will handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. Our three step system is so simple, even a child could use it!

Step 1: Consulting
Step 2: Planning
Step 3: Installation
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When it comes to playgrounds, shades and recreational spaces we are the experts. It is our job to help create the best playground for your needs. We will take the time to discuss those needs including the age group and community your playground will serve, your wants and expectations, funds available and other items that are pertinent to designing the perfect playground for you. We know our clients and understand their needs. We do not just want to sell you a playground, we want to sell you the right playground.

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If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. With our construction background and expert knowledge of playground equipment and required safety guidelines we will make sure that the equipment you select is appropriate and most importantly that it will serve your needs, be in compliance and correctly fit into your space. As certified playground safety inspectors, we know all too well how often inexperienced sales people sell playgrounds that are age inappropriate and do not properly fit into the intended space, resulting in a dangerous playground.

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No matter how nice the equipment is that you decide to buy, if it is not installed correctly could be a costly disaster. As certified general contractors, certified playground safety inspectors and expert installers we have the knowledge and experience to install your playground equipment, shade structures and surfacing correctly and efficiently. This ensures a beautiful finished playground that is both fun and safe to play on. We guarantee all of our installations will be compliant with all CPSC, NPSI and ASTM installation guidelines.

Step 1: Consulting For Your Playground

Learning About Your Needs

The first step in any playground project is listening. Want to understand your organization and needs. From the age group of the children, to special needs or disabilities we want to make sure we understand why you need a playground and who will be using it.
We then take that extra step to create a sense of customization and pride in ownership. We want your playground to be custom tailored to your needs and the spirit of your organization. From custom colors, to custom designs we will make your playground one of a kind.

Evaluating Your Space

Most playground projects are determined by two factors, budget and available space. You generally need one to fulfill the other. We will make sure that we have accurate measurements of your area, taking into account the slope of the land, elevations and drainage properties. Once we know how much space we can utilize for your playground, we can begin the process of design.

Understanding Your Budget

Having a realistic discussion about your budget at the beginning of this process is critical. We want to make sure that we design a playground that not only meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, but also a playground that you can actually afford. It is very similar to shopping for a new home or car, we need to know what we can afford before we begin.

Step 2: Planning Your Playground

Suggesting Products

We like our clients to be involved as much as possible in the design of their playground. Once we know what products you can afford and what products will fit into your space, we can make several suggestions to you. Our convenient online quoting platform will allow you to compare products side by side and make an easy decision.

Designs and Drawings

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, we may need to create cad and or 3d drawings to help aid in the decision process and also the planning. We provide these free of charge to all of our clients.

Permitting Evaluation

Not all projects will required permitting however it is important that we research the local building codes and requirements to see if a permit will be required. If your project will require a permit, then at this point we will take into account those costs and impact on the project.


Once we have covered all the other items and have designed the perfect playground for you, it is time to finalize the details and order the necessary equipment. Depending on what items you selected it will generally take 5-7 weeks for your equipment to be manufactured. If you are using our quick ship items, they may be ready in as little as three days!

Step 3: Installing Your Playground

Receiving and Unloading

Our expert installers will coordinate all of the deliveries and be on site to receive them. There may be smaller deliveries or items that arrive in advance of our installers. These items can be stored on the site until they arrive.

Installing the Playground Equipment

We will handle every aspect of your playground installation, you will not have anything to worry about. Our installers are licensed general contractors and NPSI certified safety inspectors.

Ribbon Cutting

The real fun begins once our work has ended. It is time for the kids to start enjoying the new playground!